Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Airlines to expect rise in profit with drop in oil prices

As crude oil prices continue to drop, one group of companies appear to be the winners. Most airlines can expect to make a larger profit this year, thanks to the drop in oil prices.

IATA, the Geneva-based group that represents 240 airlines or what comprises 84 percent of air traffic, has given its forecast that 2015 profits for airlines should reach $25 billion even though profit margins will continue to stay tight at around 3 percent.

Good news for Garuda?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Garuda to launch three new routes from Ambon

Garuda Indonesia plans to launch 3 new routes connecting Ambon in Maluku to three other cities in Maluku and North Maluku Islands in order to enhance its network in eastern Indonesia.

The Indonesia airline carrier will be linking Ambon with Langgur, Saumlaki and Ternate using a French Italian turboprop plane ATR 72-600 that has a passenger capacity of 70.  Each route will fly daily.

With the new flight services,  people would be connected to major cities in the archipelago.  A Garuda spokesperson indicated that this was in line with efforts to help the government create new economic centres in remote areas.

Just recently, Garuda announced that it has signed a code-share agreement with Myanmar Airways.

Garuda's stock price closed at 540IDR, up almost 10.20%.